Jente Boone

GSM: 0032485 89 49 43

I’m Jente Boone, and in short, I’m an impulsive, creatively inclined photographer with a love for the unconventional. From a young age, I’ve been a creative spirit, always eager to bring my unique ideas to life. My passion for creativity led me to Sint-Lukas art high school in Brussels, where I explored various art forms, including photography. I was drawn to the endless possibilities in execution, composition, lighting, and color, and I began experimenting with my own ideas.
To deepen my understanding of photography, I worked as an assistant to a commercial photographer, learning not only the technical aspects but also the challenges of a professional setting. Simultaneously, I continued to develop my own projects, refining my style with a focus on dynamics and vibrant colors, often infused with humor or a touch of rebellion.
Today, I’m an independent photographer in the advertising industry, where I relish every opportunity to further develop my skills. What truly satisfies me is the ability to share and bring my ideas to life, both professionally and in personal projects.
In addition to photography, I discovered a passion for video in later years and co-founded a video production company, I also hold licenses as a drone pilot for aerial photography and videography. Whether in photography or videography, I enjoy infusing my work with humor and an unexpected twist. When collaborating with clients, I am attentive to their vision, but I also embrace creative challenges. Sometimes, I’m given complete creative freedom, which presents its own unique challenges. Regardless, my goal remains the same: to create memorable and resonant visuals.